Preventing an incident and/or claim

In contrast to commercial insurers, the Professional Liability Program's service to dentists goes beyond resolving patient claims and extends to providing one-on-one and group risk management advice. Members have access to resources and PLP Advisors who provide guidance on handling difficult patients, de-escalating heated situations with patients or their families, improving communications, disclosing adverse eventsreducing the chances of being sued, negotiating refunds of fees, and other prevention topics 

Preventing an incident and/or claim articles

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Fiduciary duty
Most dentists know that, like other health care practitioners, they owe a duty of care to meet the prevailing standards of practice in treating their patients and that they may be held civilly liable if they breach that duty.
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PLP and you: A team approach
When faced with an adverse clinical incident or patient complaint, dentists often feel anxious, embarrassed and unclear about what to do next. You can contact the Professional Liability Program for advice or to make a report.
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Where malpractice protection applies
The Professional Liability Program provides malpractice protection to dentists when patients claim monetary compensation as a result of dental treatment performed in Ontario. The current policy is issued to the RCDSO by Victor Canada.
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How to avoid getting sued
The threat of a claim for professional negligence hangs over every Canadian health practitioner. The following are tips for minimizing the risk of receiving a legal action for dental malpractice.
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The value of good recordkeeping
The following describes the contents of a good dental record and how good recordkeeping improves the prospects for successfully defending a malpractice claim.

PLP Advisors can provide general risk management advice to help you prevent an incident or claim.

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