PLP Mission

The Professional Liability Program (PLP) is a program of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) created in the 1970s to administer malpractice protection for Ontario dentists.


To protect the reputation of the profession, PLP vigorously defends any member from allegations of negligent dental treatment. Similarly, in accordance with the RCDSO’s public protection mandate, in instances in which compensation is warranted, PLP works to provide timely and fair compensation to patients. PLP also promotes patient safety and responsible dentistry by providing individual and group risk management guidance to members of the RCDSO.

Who we assist

PLP assistance is available to members of the RCDSO and former members who were registered with the RCDSO at the time of the events giving rise to a claim. Dental partnerships and health profession corporations with valid certificates of authorization are also protected, as are employees of anyone eligible for assistance who are not regulated health professionals.

Anyone eligible for protection is entitled to be indemnified for up to $2 million in damages and legal costs owing due to an error, omission or negligent act in performing professional services in Ontario. PLP will also retain and pay the legal expenses to defend a civil suit alleging dental negligence.

The College's insurance broker, Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc. (JDIMI) offers RCDSO members excess malpractice protection above the primary policy amount of $2 million that is included with the College’s annual fees. The excess amounts available range from an additional $1 million to $23 million, for a maximum of $25 million. Excess malpractice protection is optional and other products/brokers are available on the market. 

To obtain excess pricing, or to purchase excess, contact JDIMI at 416-248-7144, or email You can find the application form here.