Expertise and Experience

The Professional Liability Program (PLP) administers the malpractice policy for RCDSO members issued by Victor Canada

Our team

PLP’s highly-skilled team consists of administrative staff, paralegals, professional liability and legal advisors, a dentist and a department head. In addition, PLP retains lawyers with expertise in dental malpractice from a select group of Ontario law firms to assist members involved in court proceedings.

PLP Governance

The activities of PLP are subject to oversight by a standing committee of the RCDSO Council. The PLP Committee approves settlements and provides trial authority in appropriate cases, monitors and reports to Council on PLP’s overall performance and makes recommendations to RCDSO Council on policy and strategic issues affecting the program.

A glimpse into PLP

Information about PLP, including that it is founded in the 1970s, service over 10000 members and have a caseload of 1642 in 2019.

PLP established in the 1970s. Ninety percent of files closed with no payment. 1642 claims reported in 2018. Team services over 10,000 Ontario dentists.