Am I Protected?

PLP protection applies to treatment performed in Ontario by RCDSO licenced dentists.  It does not matter that you are volunteering, completing treatment on a pro bono basis, or taking a course. It does not matter where the patient resides – Ontario, in Canada, or elsewhere. The treatment provided must have been rendered in Ontario for the PLP malpractice protection to apply. 

Protection Overview

PLP assistance is available to members and former members who were registered with the RCDSO at the time of the events giving rise to a claim. Dental partnerships and health profession corporations with valid certificates of authorization are also protected, as are employees of anyone eligible for assistance who are not regulated health professionals.

Anyone eligible for protection is entitled to be indemnified for up to $2 million in damages and legal costs owing due to an error, omission or negligent act in performing professional services in Ontario, as well as for legal expenses in defending a civil suit for dental negligence.

What is excluded?

PLP assistance does not extend to:

  • civil actions unrelated to the practise of dentistry (e.g. commercial disputes);
  • criminal proceedings;
  • regulatory matters;
  • human rights complaints;
  • proceedings arising out of dental services rendered outside of Ontario;
  • punitive, aggravated or exemplary damages.

Treating Non-Ontario Residents

Ontario dentists occasionally treat patients from other provinces or countries. American residents in particular sometimes seek dental services in Ontario because of geographical proximity and favourable currency exchange rates.

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Re-Location or Retirement

  • PLP protection of $2 million per occurrence also extends to former members if the event giving rise to a patient’s claim arose out of the practice of dentistry, in Ontario, while the dentist was registered with the RCDSO.
  • There is no need for retired or re-located dentists to continue to pay registration fees to the RCDSO in order to be protected by PLP against malpractice claims for treatment provided before leaving practice in Ontario.
  • This protection extends indefinitely and includes protection for estates.
  • Members may wish to consider continuing purchasing excess coverage for a period of time after retiring or withdrawing from practice in Ontario. JDIMI offers a retirement package, at a discounted rate.

Malpractice protection policy issued by Victor Canada

Obtain a copy of the current malpractice protection policy, issued by Victor Canada to the RCDSO/PLP, by logging into the RCDSO member portal and clicking “Downloads/Documents”. 

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