Risk Management Overview

In contrast to commercial insurers, PLP's service to its members goes beyond resolving patient claims and extends to providing one-on-one and group risk management advice. Members have access to experienced PLP advisors who provide guidance on handling difficult patients, de-escalating heated situations with patients or their families, improving communications, disclosing adverse events, reducing the chances of being sued, negotiating refunds of fees, etc. Because PLP's sole business is administering malpractice protection for dentists, PLP staff understand the challenges in practising contemporary dentistry.

PLP also reaches out to members through regular contributions to Dispatch magazine and presentations to students, study groups and associations at no charge to the hosts. PLP currently has two category one core courses (PLP: The Big Picture and Consent to Treatment) and, with sufficient advance notice, is able to create bespoke programs based on an audience's specific needs or interests. To find out how to book PLP for an upcoming event, click here.

PLP has recently expanded it scope of assistance to include general dental-legal advice unrelated to a reportable incident. Members may now contact PLP for input on such issues as dealing with separated or divorced parents of a minor patient, capacity to consent to treatment, release and transfer of records, subpoenas, do not resuscitate orders, and much more. Please note that member inquiries about regulatory processes should be directed to the Practice Advisory Service.