Who We Are

What is PLP?

PLP is a program of the RCDSO created in the 1970s to administer malpractice protection for Ontario dentists.


In accordance with the RCDSO’s public protection mandate, PLP works to provide timely, reasonable compensation to patients injured as a result of dental negligence. To ensure funds are available for those patients and in order to protect the reputation of the profession, PLP vigorously defends any member whose care was appropriate and/or did not cause harm. PLP also promotes patient safety and responsible dentistry by providing individual and group risk management guidance to members.

Whom does PLP assist?

PLP assistance is available to members and former members who were registered with the RCDSO at the time of the events giving rise to a claim. Dental partnerships and health profession corporations with valid certificates of authorization are also protected, as are employees of anyone eligible for assistance who are not regulated health professionals.

Anyone eligible for protection is entitled to be indemnified for up to $2,000,000 in damages and legal costs owing due to an error, omission or negligent act in performing professional services in Ontario, as well as for legal expenses in defending a civil suit for dental negligence.

The Colleges’ Insurance Broker, Jones Deslauriers Insurance Management Inc. (“JDIMI”) offers RCDSO members excess malpractice protection above the primacy policy amount of $2 million included with the College’s annual fees. The excess amounts available range from an additional $1 million to an extra $23 million, for a maximum of $25 million.

To obtain excess pricing, or to purchase excess, contact JDIMI at 416 248 7144, or email excessprotection@jdimi.com. You can find the application form on their site.


  • Administers the errors and omissions policy for RCDSO members issued by a commercial insurer (currently ENCON).
  • Prepares documentation to assist members in refunding fees to patients.
  • Provides advice to members on dealing with dissatisfied patients and responding to allegations of wrongdoing by patients or their representatives.
  • Assists members in avoiding dental-legal difficulties through one-on-one discussions, presentations to dental students, societies and associations, articles in Dispatch magazine and pamphlets on important risk management topics.
  • Provides general dental-legal advice to members.


PLP’s highly skilled team consists of administrative staff, paralegals, professional liability and legal advisors, a senior dental consultant and a director. In addition, PLP retains lawyers with expertise in dental malpractice from a select group of Ontario law firms to assist members involved in court proceedings.


The activities of PLP are subject to oversight by a standing committee of the RCDSO Council. The PLP Committee approves settlements and provides trial authority in appropriate cases, monitors and reports to Council on PLP’s overall performance and makes recommendations to RCDSO Council on policy and strategic issues affecting the program.

Report an Incident

Members must report to PLP any situation that may give rise to a patient claim, i.e. a demand for money or services.

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Request Dental-Legal Advice

PLP provides general risk management and dental-legal advice to members.

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